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Our Doula Training weekend will be focused on your role as a doula. We won’t cover a lot about the normal process of labour, stages of labour, medications and their benefits and risks, etc. We expect that you will already have this basic information. Our training can then focus on YOUR new doula role in relation to these topics. If you have already done a class in the past for your own birth or have had children yourself, you may find that you already possess this basic knowledge of childbirth. In this case, it’s acceptable for you to not do a class before the workshop. But note you will still be required to redo these classes in order to become a certified doula. It is still part of the certification process and you will NOT be exempt from this even with a lot of experience or having done prenatal classes for your own birth in the past. If you are either a labor and delivery nurse or you have completed training as a childbirth educator through one of our approved organizations, you can supply a certificate of completion or a letter verifying your nursing experience to meet this requirement.