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Try contacting ALL hospitals, birthing centers, health clinics, etc. that offer childbirth education classes to find out if the class is taught by an educator who is certified through one of the approved organizations.

The Yellow Pages may also have listings for area childbirth educators or childbirth education courses.

You can also search the Internet for the names of each organization. These web sites offer you links to “find an educator” in your state. You could also do an Internet search in the following format for direct links – (example “Lamaze Toronto”).

Try contacting other doulas, midwives or other professionals in related fields in your area to find resources for childbirth classes.

There is an Introductory Course for Doulas (Intro) being offered by the trainer in conjunction with my DONA approved birth doula workshop. Will this complete my CBE component for certification?

Yes, if an Intro is offered in conjunction with your workshop, your attendance and completion of this course fulfills the CBE requirement for certification. However, most doula trainers will only provide this in areas that don’t have qualifying classes, since it’s preferable to do it while observing actual class participants who are pregnant, to learn from their questions and discussions