One of the things brought to my attention a few years ago was how “white” and “middle class” the doula profession was. It’s something I have spent a lot of time thinking about the past few years. As I learn more and more about the disparities within our own borders, I am sickened by the different levels of care women receive in our country, particularly women of colour.

Doula services have the possibility of being elitist by nature, given that there has been little funding for doula services. I have worked to create programs, systems and funding requests to remedy these issues. But I know that clients will hire doulas that they connect with, and having more diversity within the doula community is important to increasing the diversity of doulas clients CAN connect with.

In an effort to create more diversity, Doula School has launched a scholarship fund. Workshop scholarships are offered based on a demonstrated commitment to community service and financial need.

Priority is given to all applicants who increase diversity in the doula profession, specifically people identifying as LGBTQ and Women of Color.

We encourage aspiring doulas to apply and they will be notified of our decision within 30 days. APPLICATION can be found here.

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