Our once-in-a-lifetime retreat to Guatemala is fast approaching. We wanted to take some time in the blog to explain more about this trip and what you can expect.

We partner with the incredible team at Awakened Spirit Yoga to offer a signature program – Sacred Birth – 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Birth Doula Training. In February, that training will be taking place IN-PERSON in Guatemala. Students will get to travel south and study with Stefanie and Julia.

Here is the key info:

  • February 18-28, 2022
  • Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
  • Guatemala, a Central American country south of Mexico, is home to volcanoes, rainforests and ancient Mayan sites.
  • We are staying at The Yoga Forest Retreat (Yoga Forest is a sacred sanctuary with ancient Mayan altars and natural springs)
  • Study as a Prenatal Yoga Teacher & Birth Doula

It’s a dream site for this program and will no doubt heighten the learning experience. We’re so excited for you to take part. We recently sat down with Stefanie to ask some questions about the retreat and how it came to be.

Q: What makes you want to take the training abroad?

I’ve got 3 kids, 3 step kids and 3 dogs…sometimes 4. So focusing on anything at home can be a challenge. Many people like me, are caught-up in the busy-ness of life. Taking a training abroad can give us a much needed break from all of that, but more importantly allows us to really immerse ourselves in the material, connect with others, and really BREATHE for a few moments.

Q: Why choose Guatemala over other locations?

This is a location that is near and dear to my co-trainer Julia. She’s been teaching here for many years. I was first introduced to Lake Atitlan by Julia when I came to co-teach this training a few years ago. It is really a remarkable location. The Yoga Forest is set up a mountain (bring your hiking boots!) It’s surrounded by nature in every direction. Waking up before sunrise and watching the sun come up over the volcanoes in the distance is an unbelievable site. The area is steeped in rich history from the indigenous communities that still surround it to this day.

Q: What are you most excited about for the trip?

Connection with humans! I miss so much in-person trainings. I was recently able to teach again in-person and it felt so great to have that option again. Teaching online has been amazing for SO many reasons, but getting together in person and having REAL time together to connect is just so wonderful!

Q: What makes the Scared Birth class unique compared to other trainings you’re involved in?

Well for starters it’s two courses in one! (yoga AND doula). Very few PYTTs have the depth of pregnancy, birth and postpartum education that really gets into the LIVED experience of the experience. Most programs have cursory information about it. But we realize that the yoga class can be the place people come for a lot more than yoga. They come to discuss their fears, their worries, their joys, but also their own specific and unique pregnancy and birth journeys. When a yoga teacher isn’t prepared for those conversations because of lack of experience or training, an opportunity is missed to help people in their pregnancy journeys.

Q: A lot of people find a natural connection between yoga and childbirth, why do you think that is?

So many of the core yogic philosophies and concepts center around the journey of life, it’s joys and challenges. Nothing is more of a journey than having a baby! In addition….when we think about the experience of birth… there is so much relating to the neutral mind, the power of our mind, the importance of our body-mind connection, the critical nature of movement and strength, etc etc.

Q: Do you think you’ll do more destination-like trainings for this program in the future?

We do them all the time! This is one of many looking back and forward.

Q: How many students will be part of this trip, is there a limit?

We have a maximum number of 19 and we will be the only group at the Yoga Forest. With lots of protocols in place to keep people safe and protected!

There are still spots available if you’re interested in attending. Follow the link below to learn more 🙂