By Brittney Norman 

I’m Brittney, now I’m a DONA trained Birth and Postpartum Doula as well as a breastfeeding
counsellor offering my non-judgmental support, care and resources for all families within
the GTA region. Before I became a Doula I was just someone with a passion for all things
pregnancy, birth and babies!

As a young girl, I was always fascinated with learning about pregnancy and babies. I was
always right there in the middle of everything trying to help. I even begged my Mom at 9
years old to be in the delivery room when my little sister was born, sadly she thought I wasn’t
ready for that at the time. But luckily for me a few years later when I was 13/14 she had my
younger brother and I was right there holding her hand through it all, I even got to separate
the umbilical cord and stay in the hospital with her to help for days after he was born.
Witnessing a birth first hand and being a part of it even just as someone feeding ice chips
was such a beautiful experience and it was the life changing event that led me to becoming
a doula and who I am today. Now I’m a 23 year old living the doula life and loving it!

A typical day for me isn’t always the same as the day before. I like to work around the
schedule and needs of my clients so I can be as helpful as possible during the times that are
really needed. The one thing that is to be expected of having me as your doula is that I will
support you and your family during this life changing journey and do everything possible to
make things easier for the transition of becoming a parent. Typically those things include
baby and sibling care while parents rest or take some time to do the things you can’t do with
a baby in your arms, as well as housework that might not get as much attention as it did
before the baby was born. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and clean the dishes or do
some laundry while my clients spend some time together as a family.

I remember my first two clients being very different experiences for me. One of them
preferred I take care of the baby throughout the night and stay with him while my other client
needed help with twins and some housework and I loved working with both families because
I was able to help and be exactly what that family needed at the time. Ultimately that is my
main goal, that is why I became a doula in the first place. I wanted to make the transition into
parenthood and the postpartum period more enjoyable and easy going because it’s tough
and it really takes a village to have a baby, being a doula I become that “village”.

Brittney is a fabulous doula based in the Toronto area. You can follow her on Instagram @brittneypnorman