A few months ago our team here at Doula School was swapping stories about some of the unique aspects of birth work. We had so many different experiences to share. And out of that came the idea of “how do we share some of these with our students and followers?” Which has led to the ‘Life of a Doula’ comic strip.

This is a weekly (or close to weekly!) comic that our team puts together to show the lighter side of doula work. It’s been so enjoyable design these and the feedback from our community has been so positive. We’ve already had over a dozen comics go out! And wanted to put them all in one place to you can read through them.

  1. It can be hard to make plans as a doula…

2. You need to be REALLY specific when talking to your partner

3. It happens…

4. Living the dream 🙂

5. If you know, you know

6. You’ve always got a built in costume as a doula

7. How many is too many?

8. We really need to trademark “doula”

9. Never get TOO comfortable

10. Even doulas need a little help 🙂

11. There can be babies at any job!

12. An important milestone

13. Two birds, one stone

14. One page can often be enough