Last year our team here at Doula School was swapping stories about some of the unique aspects of birth work. We had so many different experiences to share. And out of that came the idea of “how do we share some of these with our students and followers?” Which has led to the ‘Life of a Doula’ comic strip.

This is a weekly (or close to weekly!) comic that our team puts together to show the lighter side of doula work. It’s been so enjoyable design these and the feedback from our community has been so positive. Last year we put out a summary of all our comics to date, since then we’ve had over a dozen new entries! Today we are sharing all of our winter comics.

Scroll down to check out the latest adventures of our doula unicorn! Make sure to follow us on Instagram to see a new comic each week.

  1. Parking at hospitals can be a LITTLE bit expensive for us doulas

2. The drive between your home and a client birth is always an adventure!

3. You can never have TOO many back up doulas on your roster.

4. Those overnight shifts hit different on a Saturday.

5. We wish more people knew about doula work as a child! It’s a career that many of us discover later in life.

6. Elevators can be present an obstacle when you’re in a rush!! 

7. Audio books have been such a handy addition to doula training.

8. Sometimes the most important thing you can do as a doula is just being present.

9. Thankfully as doulas we don’t spend much time in Microsoft Excel 🙂

10. Over time you start to develop a subconscious ‘doula brain’