When first getting into birth and doula work you are going to have a lot of questions. That’s ok! We’ve all been there before. We took some of the most common questions we get asked from students and listed them below. Everything from “do I need to have kids to be a doula?” to “am I certified after training?”

Am I too old/young to work as a doula?

We have had students of all different ages pass through doula school. In some cases you might be 22 years old and looking to make birth work your career. We’ve also had students who are 62 and looking to turn their passion for birth into a side hustle. Wherever you are at in life, there is room for you in the doula world. The more doulas we have with a variety of life experiences, the better. There is no minimum or maximum age to be in our training. If you feel ready to do this we’re happy to have you

Can I work as a doula if I’ve never had kids?

The answer is yes! You can work as a doula if you haven’t had children before. We have had students that have had a number of children, we’ve also had students that have no children. The key to being an incredible birth worker is having a passion for the field and your clients’ wellbeing. And that can apply whether you have children or not. About half of the people in each training are people without children

Can I work as a doula if I have a full-time job now?

Many of our students will start off doing doula work part-time. Meaning they may continue with their full-time job, while building up doula work as a side hustle. This allows them to pick and choose how many clients to take on, while still continuing their full-time position. Our lead trainer Stefanie worked full-time as a doula for her first 5 years as a doula. If you’re working full-time in another career you won’t take many clients on in a year. Likely not more than one per month and maybe even less. But it CAN work while you sort out if you love the work and want to do it full-time.

How much does doula training cost?

The fee for our workshop ranges from $535-1300 + tax if applicable (depending on the location and which program). This includes the DONA approved training manual and all snacks for in-person workshops.

How long is the Birth Doula workshop?

Our workshop is about 24 hours of training (not including breaks. It may run over a weekend or be spread out over several days. Check our schedule for all the options, dates, times and locations. Once you register you will be sent a confirmation email which will include further information about how to prepare (don’t worry, there isn’t much to do!). If you’re attending an in-person workshop it will include how to get to the location, parking/public transit, how to dress, what to bring, etc.

How do I register for training?

Registration is done online. To receive the early bird rates, payment is due in full. If you’re interested in a payment plan, please contact the office. We’re happy to spread it out monthly for you. Payments can be made by email transfer and all major credit cards. You MUST be paid up by the course start date however.

Will I be a certified doula after I take this Birth Doula course?

Our doula training here at Doula School is approved by DONA International. Meaning that our training includes all of the in-class requirements to become a DONA certified doula. Once you have finished the workshop, you are a doula. However, if you wish to be a fully DONA certified doula, you will need to complete the out-of-class requirements from DONA International. Here you can see a step-by-step visual guide of the DONA certification process. The decision to certify is a personal one and may also be affected by the demands and needs of the area you live in. We encourage you to do some digging to find out more. Don’t listen to only one doula but survey multiple people to learn more. We’re also happy to help chat with you further about this.

I want to become a Midwife, can doula training help me?

Many people become doulas to get a taste of the birthing field before committing to becoming a midwife or applying into the midwifery program. It’s also a great way to boost your resume if you’re sure you’re going to be applying to a midwifery school. Many of Doula School’s trainees are in the Midwifery Program currently or are working with us as midwives now!!

What is your cancellation policy?

Full cancellation available within 24 hours of booking if you make a mistake. Refunds are available 30 days or more before workshop start date minus a $50 handling fee. No refunds will be made within 30 days of the workshop, however registrants may apply the fee towards a future workshop held by Doula School. Cancellations within one week of class must pay a $50 administration fee to rebook and apply their credit towards another workshop.

I have additional questions, who can I call?

you still have unanswered questions, we’re happy to answer them. You can reach our main line at 1-877-BIRTH36 (247-8436) or use our contact form here.