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Help support parents during those crucial first weeks and months.

Doula with family

Have you ever considered a career as a postpartum doula and thought to yourself

“Where do I even begin?”

If you’ve been in the same career for a while, it can feel daunting to consider doing something new. But then you see others who are starting new journeys, launching a side hustle, and finding something they are passionate about.

And you’re wondering how to make that a reality for you. How do you find a job that is both emotionally and spiritually fulfilling while also giving you financial stability.

You’re thinking – I don’t have the time. I’d love to try something new but where would I even start. How long would it take? How much would it cost? What’s the process?

You can do it, too. Just imagine…

Turning your passion for helping people into a thriving business with a community around you to lean on for guidance

Being the go-to doula in your area, with families reaching out to express their thanks for the positive impact you had on their lives

A world where people journey their early weeks postpartum surrounded by a village of support

You can turn your passion into a career as a postpartum doula.

If you’re feeling called to birth work you probably realize families need more support through this journey. You’re right about that!

Research shows that new parents who experience support from their family members, care providers, counselors or peer groups have greater breastfeeding success, greater self-confidence, less postpartum depression and a lower incidence of abuse than those who do not.

postpartum doula with family

Do you have what
it takes to become a doula?

For generations the norm has been to work in a 9 to 5 job. Or a set schedule where you “live for the weekends” and get your fulfillment outside of your career.

Well… things have changed.

Everyone is different and this old paradigm of work-life doesn’t work for all of us. We come across so many students who are looking for something different, where they can make a difference in their community.

Whether you are 21 or 61, postpartum doula work can become a part of your life. Supporting new parents through parenthood is something that you can start at any stage of life – from any career you might have today. We’ve taught lawyers, doctors, nurses, stay at home parents, marketing professionals, receptionists, and even neuro-scientists. Yup. No joke. The key is having a kind heart and a passion for helping people. We help you with the rest.

Real Talk:

What is a postpartum doula anyway?

A postpartum doula is specially trained to assist new parents during those crucial first weeks and months when a newborn arrives. Historically, upon the arrival of a baby, entire communities and villages would help support the parents as they made this significant transition in their life. Today, parents will sometimes have support from family and friends, but it’s often not enough. 

That’s where a postpartum doula comes in. Through coaching and education, new parents can build confidence in their skills and ability to handle and embrace this new challenge. Overnight support from a doula can ensure parents are getting the rest they need to stay on track.

“Becoming a parent will be the biggest adventure of our lives. It’s helpful to have an experienced guide who knows the terrain”

-Stefanie Antunes, Founder

Doulas provide a variety of care to support families through whatever twists and turns their journey may take. Emotional support to hold space for big feelings. Physical support to help take the load off. Informational support to build confidence. Doulas also support partners and other family members, so their roles can be enhanced and they can learn in THEIR own way as well. Doulas also are experts in the community, providing all the best Referrals to anything else parents might need.

If you’re feeling called to this work you probably realize that new parents need more support than they are getting today

Train with a
recognized organization

You may be wondering how you’ll choose which doula training to attend when you’ve found dozens out there! When I first became a doula 20 years ago there were 4 training organizations that I could find. There are now over 200!

It can be challenging to know which one will be right for you. You want to take the best training available at the best price possible.

How can you choose? Here are some things to consider:
– How long has the organization been in operation?
– Who owns it?
– Is it being run by one person or a board of directors/advisors?
– How recognized is it in your area?
– What are your priorities (topics, cost, location, trainer, etc).

Here at Doula School we provide a Doula Canada approved training. Doula Canada is a nationally registered and internationally recognized vocational school offering professional education for modern birth workers. We think you’ll be in good hands with us but we’re always happy to chat with you and answer any questions to ensure we’re the right fit for you.

– Stefanie Antunes


Stefanie Antunes

Our Doula Training Framework

Whether you’re looking to expand your skills, make a career change or expand your business, we’ve packaged our trainings to provide actionable steps to succeed as a birth worker.

Mother holding her newborn baby

Training & Specialization

Learn about the emotional, physical and transformational role of Doulas.

Newborn baby getting its head measured

Certification & Experience

Get all the step-by-step details for becoming certified through Doula Canada. We support you the entire way.

Group learning with Stefanie

Business Building

Fast-track your Doula business, from marketing to technology to emotional wellness.


“Is becoming a Postpartum Doula even right for me?”

Ahh, we get this question a lot!

what’s it like to work as a doula?

Working as a doula has a lot of ups and downs, like any career. But here are some of the things you might want to consider as you’re deciding if this is the right path for you:

Questions to ask yourself:

Do you love working with parents and newborns?

How much money do you want/need to make from being a doula? 

Can you handle working various shifts to suit parent needs? 

What is your motivation for wanting to become a doula? 

What are your long-term plans in the field?

How much money can I make working as a doula? 

Like anything in life, the amount of effort you put out is the amount of benefit you’ll get in return. We’ve seen doulas make anywhere from $0 (those who want only to work as volunteers) to $80,000 a year.

Following your passion

Working as a doula can be the most amazing experience and is such an honour to be a part of. If you are thinking this is the right path for you then we encourage you to come to our workshop!

If you feel passionate about helping birthing people and families then this could be your next dream job!

Doula training collage

Start Here

Step-By-Step Doula Training

Our Postpartum Doula Training combines what you need to know to get started as a doula, plus all the tips and advice our team has gathered over decades of working with families.

In our Postpartum Doula training we’ll walk you through the ways in which a doula supports new parents. You will learn all about newborn care, infant feeding, racial disparity and inequity in birth, supporting loss and grief, perinatal mental health disorders, how to grow your doula business, and SO MUCH more!

You might feel like this is a lot right now. A new career, a side hustle, learning about the transition to parenthood. Can I be a postpartum doula if I haven’t had my own children yet? Is this something I can manage? That’s ok. Any new endeavor will have challenges, that’s why our team at Doula School is here to help.

If you have a willingness to learn and a passion for newborns, you can be an amazing doula

Inside our Postpartum Doula Training we’ll provide solutions for you to not only support new parents, but also practice balance and self-care for yourself as a doula. There is the old saying that you can’t pour from an empty cup, so we give advice on how to balance your new life in a way that is sustainable.

Are you ready to take the first step on your journey as a postpartum doula? Ready to support new parents in your community? Ready to find something that you can truly put your heart and soul into? Ready to change the paradigm of the POSTPARTUM experience?

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Here’s what Doula School’s students have to say:

River through forest

Kathrin made me feel confident and prepared. She taught us in a way that was easy to understand and follow. She switched the learning styles (visual, audio…etc) to keep me consistently engaged. She was inclusive in her language and attitude and she was just overall a very kind, supportive and educated instructor. I feel very fortunate to have had her as my instructor.

– Recent Graduate

Mountains and sky

I have insufficient words for how incredible a training this was! I was so blessed by Kathrin’s instruction as I begin my journey towards becoming a certified postpartum doula. I can truly say that after this training I am not only a better doula but a better person! - Recent Graduate

- Recent Graduate

As a member of Doula School you can:

Meet other


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Get access to

Special Offers

Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn

  • How you can support new parents 
  • What a typical day/shift looks like
  • The interconnected nature of a birth journey
  • The current issues that are impacting families 
  • How you can be a force for positive change
  • Key things to look for with a newborn 
  • How to communicate tips and tricks to your clients
  • The importance of mental health 
  • Signs to look for
  • How to communicate around loss and grief
  • Key suggestions to help your clients on their feeding journey
  • How to achieve certification through Doula Canada

Doula Canada

  • Doula Canada is a nationally registered and internationally recognized vocational school offering professional education for modern birth workers. Their team of instructors and staff have combined their years of experience with the development of flexible programs that lay the foundation for client-directed care and community support.
  • For over 20 years they have been creating a space where advocacy and intuition meet. Their evidence-based online learning, peer-to-peer support, and trauma informed mentoring from experienced birth workers, and an emphasis on collaboration has helped them become a leader in the doula space. Doula School is proud to partner with Doula Canada for certification of this program.

Postpartum Doula

Self Study

$550 +HST

  • Doula Canada approved doula training 
  • Self-study program 
  • You will leave the training as a doula and can begin working as a doula immediately 
  • Community support 
  • Guidance on additional certifications 
  • Breastfeeding/chestfeeding class for a small additional fee
  • Learn the business basics for taking the first steps in your career

Dual Stream

Birth & Postpartum Doula

$900 +HST

  • Doula Canada approved postpartum doula training 
  • Self-study program
  • You will leave the training as a doula and can begin working as a doula immediately 
  • Community support 
  • Guidance on additional certifications 
  • Breastfeeding/chestfeeding class for a small additional fee
  • Learn the business basics for taking the first steps in your career
  •  Become both a Birth and Postpartum Doula
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