Below are testimonials from many of our amazing students at the Doula School. We love getting feedback as doulas launch their new career as a birth worker.

What a fantastic weekend!!! Stephanie is an amazing facilitator. She is so welcoming and sincere in her teaching. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and open to sharing appropriate experiences and stories. Her pace was on point, I enjoyed the variety of activities which encompassed the many learning styles. I love how she encouraged us as part of her parting words to “Go out and Doula”

It was a weekend well spent. The group was wonderful, we got to meet and connect with such beautiful beings. This course literally changed my life in one weekend. I am very excited in moving forward with certification, continued education and most importantly Doula.ing!”

– Love and Light, ANGELA

I took my training with Stefanie in 2011 and since then have welcomed 20+ babies into this world?? I love being a doula and Stefanie’s training workshop set me out on the path that I’m on now. When I did my training I decided to attend Stefanie’s particular workshop because of the doula business she had built for herself at Discover Birth. I had the choice of attending workshops led by other trainers that were much closer to me… but I was embarking on a new career path and wanted to learn from someone who had experience creating a successful livelihood out of something so special. I am very happy I made that choice, and I am ecstatic that Stefanie now does her training from my studio, creating opportunities for other women looking to embark on new paths.”

– Jamie, Founder of Toronto Yoga Mamas

I just wanted to send a quick note and thank you both again for the workshop. I am still surprised by how ready I feel to be a doula! This path was something I had thought about for over a year and I was never fully confident in my decision until meeting the two of you and the rest of our group, feeling the support of everyone’s positive energy and gaining all the knowledge you both had to share! Stefanie, I wanted to say that the lecture you gave on how to start your own doula business was extremely helpful and eye opening. Not only were you able to give us applicable, real-life information on billing, contracts and networking, but you instilled a confidence in me that I can be responsible for my own income and make what I’m passionate about a sustaining business. Nicole, your warm spirit and anecdotes really opened up the group and your ability to take doula work to so many corners of the earth and different settings allowed me to see that training to be a doula doesn’t always mean one path, but rather, opens many doors and options that I’m excited to explore. You both are an inspiration and I’m so glad I got to learn from you and hope to stay in touch. Thanks again.


I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your methods of teaching. You approached the course catering to all styles of learners. I also appreciated the stories you shared and practicality of content. It was a blessing to partake in the course and learn from someone who isn’t just a granola cruncher but also a business professional!”


Thank you so much for such an amazing weekend. Your wisdom, authenticity and attentiveness has led to such security and openness in our learning environment. I am coming from this weekend feeling so affirmed and inspired. Thank you for being such a force and great leader.


The workshop was informative, well organized and current. Stefanie took the time to make the workshop fun and interactive. The homework was great for bringing awareness to the perspectives that differ between cultures, religion and communities. Learning about the variety of complications was an important component of birth doula care I had not considered but now I feel prepared to talk about these things.”

– Recent Graduate

I’m so grateful for the diversity of our course. Hearing different perspectives and share with people all over the world was amazing.

– Charlotte, Scotland

This program was such a positive and invigorating experience, and I am so grateful to have been able to attend. I had also signed up for your Business course as part of the certification requirement and look forward to delving into that content.

I truly appreciated your teaching expertise and how you were able to cover so much content; I hope to remain in touch! Take very good care.”

– Molly

This workshop overall overpassed my expectations. A very well-prepared content, great activities, and an excellent atmosphere for learning space. I thought this could not happen on an online course, but it did. This workshop was great. I loved the discussions, group activities, and real scenarios to practice with. Stefanie knows what she is talking about. She is experienced and knowledgeable; and also firm and warm at the same time. After finishing this workshop I feel confident in what I know and also in all that I have to continue studying from now on. I am glad I took the workshop. Thanks!

– Recent Graduate

Kathrin, I just wanted to say thank you. I took your postpartum doula training through Doula School in Toronto back in February and it was life changing.

I decided to quit my corporate job in May. I took the summer off to be with my children, and today I had my first consultation as a postpartum doula! Ahhh! And I’m happy to say that it was a success – I have my first booking for later this month.

Thank you for everything you put into the training. Your passion and enthusiasm was contagious. You asked us how we felt one morning and I responded “I did not dread waking up this morning”. That was the beginning if the change in me.

Since I made the decision to be a postpartum doula I have not woken up once with a feeling of dread. So much has improved – my mental well being, my relationships, and this summer was filled with ups and downs but just being with my kids full time was amazing. Truly the best summer!

I am so proud of myself for making changes and so thankful for your course and also that you were my teacher!

Wishing you all the best and one last THANK YOU from my whole family!

– Shannon

I took this class to become a prenatal yoga teacher, but I’m inspired to do so much more as a birth worker. I feel a desire inside me that was probably there but I didn’t realize, to continue this work.”

– Christina, Germany

Having already accessed Stefanie’s relevant websites, resources, and videos, I was already aware of her proficiency in the industry and her engaging style. Despite this, my expectations were exceeded and I leave this course with a full heart and profound excitement towards Doula work. I look forward to seeing where our paths may cross again in the future and will be recommending her training to all fresh faces looking for the best start to their journey as a Doula.

– Recent Graduate

The entire course was fantastic- literally, everything Stefanie taught was vital information I know I will use and expand upon in future training.

I have trained in many modalities of holistic health and have been practising for decades as a wellness provider. I thought I was well-versed and knowledgeable in my fields of practice. Then I took this course and was blown away by the quality and quantity of content!

After decades of learning and practising in so many modalities, I finally see the picture of how all of those paths have led me here. Everything I know will enhance my abilities as a doula, and it is the training I received from Stefanie that enables me to move forward with confidence

– November 2020, Prenatal Yoga Teacher + Birth Doula Training

Despite most people being familiar with Zoom, this was my first Zoom workshop. I was nervous going into the class, but Stefanie provided instruction (and patience) which made me feel like a pro! The content itself was straightforward and easy to understand, and Stefanie offered ample opportunities for learning via the different ways she went about presenting the content to us.

Stefanie taught in such a way that I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I filled three entire notebooks with notes and ideas and stories that Stefanie shared. I was so inspired by her teaching that I would even get excited to read the standards of procedure book each day!”

– November 2020, Prenatal Yoga Teacher + Birth Doula Training

I came to this training with some experience and knowledge of birthwork and hoped to fill in the gaps. I was blown away by how many “gaps” were identified and filled in! The content has enabled me to feel a level of competence that I did not even know was within my reach.”

– November 2020, Prenatal Yoga Teacher + Birth Doula Training

Stefanie was absolutely wonderful. Her knowledge of the profession and of teaching very much surpassed my expectations coming into the course. I have already recommended her as a trainer to multiple people, just during my time in the course. Her passion to promote the doula profession so that people everywhere can have access to continuous, informed, compassionate care is inspiring. I learned so much here and I am very grateful for this course.”

– November 2020, Prenatal Yoga Teacher + Birth Doula Training

I appreciated the variance of content delivery between lecture, small group and large group discussions, well thought-out, engaging activities, additional readings, videos, and incorporating the use of visual aids during lecture. The different learning methods ensured actual application of the knowledge so that learners were able to better digest various doula practices, the birthing process, and the doula scope of competency/codes of ethics. I also have to comment that Stefanie is an adept communicator. She is a wonderful model on how to treat people with integrity, honesty, respect–and always underlying with kindness and compassion through the language we use.”

– November 2020, Prenatal Yoga Teacher + Birth Doula Training

I think what I truly appreciated most about this course was the constant theme of advocating “with” the client and not advocating “for” the client, teaching that the role of a doula is not to speak on behalf of the birthing person, but to teach them how to elevate their own voices and help them feel empowered throughout their journey, no matter the twists and turns it may take. I feel so much more confident in now even just talking to others about the doula profession, explaining our role on the care team as a whole, and what we are actually here for.

– November 2020, Prenatal Yoga Teacher + Birth Doula Training

This workshop has far exceeded my expectations! The presentation and interaction, hands on requirements and reading materials made available have all made my personal experience extremally valuable. Stefanie has an incredible way of brining so much rich information mixed with a calming nature to help impower you to receive and hopefully retain it! She is definitely doing something she is not only equipped for and passionate about, but is good at it as well! I am looking forward to reading over and over the resources and materials she has supplied us with, and am even more confident in moving for now because of all her encouragement to us all.”

– December 2022, Birth Doula Training

Just Completed the Doula School course with Stephanie as the facilitator and I’m so pumped! I’ve left feeling energized, informed and ready to jump into the beautiful work of Doula(ing). 10/10 recommend this course and Stephanie as a facilitator.”

– Sara Zygouris

SO happy I took this course, Stef was the best birth doula instructor I could’ve asked for and Katherine was the best for postpartum!!”

– Sarah MacIsaac

I had certain goals when I signed up for Birth Doula training with Stefanie, and I came away totally inspired to continue learning and begin working in a field I would never have thought of for myself! I look forward to working with Doula School again, and would recommend any of their courses to anyone looking to work in the birth world, or even just understand birth and humanity itself on a deeper level.”

– Sara Zygouris

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