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Class practicing yoga at a recent Yoga retreat

Have you ever considered a career as a doula and prenatal yoga teacher and thought to yourself

“Where do I even begin?”

If you’ve been in the same career for a while, it can feel daunting to consider doing something new. But then you see others who are starting new journeys, launching a side hustle, and finding something they are passionate about.

And you’re wondering how to make that a reality for you. How do you find a job that is both emotionally and spiritually fulfilling while also giving you financial stability.

You’re thinking – I don’t have the time. I’d love to try something new but where would I even start. How long would it take? How much would it cost? What’s the process?

You can do it, too. Just imagine…

Turning your passion for birthwork into a thriving business with a community around you to lean on for guidance

Being the go-to prenatal yoga teacher in your area, with families reaching out to express their thanks for the positive impact you had on their lives

A world where people journey from pregnancy to parenthood surrounded by a village of support

Our Sacred Birth PYTT +Doula training is recommended for anyone that is:

• A yogi learning about perinatal health, pregnancy and conscious birthing;  

• A person on their pregnancy journey and seeking to connect more deeply through yoga and holistic birth support

• A yoga teacher wanting to deepen their teaching skills on multiple levels; 

• An educator, counselor, midwife or healthcare professional 

• Focused on reproductive health and womb-centered yoga practice

birth doula training in Guatemala

*photo by @corie__bee at our prenatal yoga and birth doula training in Guatemala

Do you have what it takes to follow your dream career?

Sacred Birth – Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training + Doula Training is an 85+ hour dual certificate training and in-home retreat that will provide you with a framework to support your pregnant yoga students, launch a career in the field of birth work, and deepen your connection to your own body and practice. It is provided by the Doula School in partnership with Awakened Spirit Yoga. 

Doula Canada and The Yoga Alliance are offering the unique opportunity to complete your certification online. With more than 85 hours of content, this training will equip you with tools to empower and support pregnant people throughout their pregnancies and labor. 

What’s Unique About Our Approach

Sacred Birth focuses on nurturing conscious pregnancy and parenthood while addressing the medical, political and spiritual considerations of birthing. Our approach blends traditional Hatha and Vinyasa yoga with the therapeutic tools such as mindfulness and holistic birth support to nurture an empowered pregnancy and birth.

Real Talk:

What is a doula anyway?

While the modern day doula profession can be traced back only about 35-40 years, the profession is of course as old as time. In most historical accounts people in labour were always surrounded by caring neighbours, friends, sisters and mothers. While one person would have been the midwife, the rest were there for support. By the time we were having babies of our own we would have attended many births. This experience helped us feel more confident about our experience.

It’s no surprise that people today are often nervous about their upcoming experience. They’ve seen dramatized TV shows and movies that depict birth as anything but its reality.

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use one”

Dr. John Kennell

Doulas provide 5 elements of care to support families through whatever twists and turns their journey may take. Emotional support to hold space, Physical support to provide comfort and help reduce pain, Informational support to provide the right info at the right time. Doulas are also there to support partners and other labour support members and help families advocate for themselves.

If you’re feeling called to birth work you probably realize families need more support through this journey.

Train with a
recognized organization

Train with a recognized organization

You may be wondering how you’ll choose which doula training to attend when you’ve found dozens out there! When I first became a doula 20 years ago there were 4 training organizations that I could find. There are now over 200!

It can be challenging to know which one will be right for you. You want to take the best training available at the best price possible.

How can you choose? Here are some things to consider:
– How long has the organization been in operation?
– Who owns it?
– Is it being run by one person or a board of directors/advisors?
– How recognized is it in your area?
– What are your priorities (topics, cost, location, trainer, etc).

Here at Doula School we provide a Doula Canada approved training. Doula Canada is a nationally registered and internationally recognized vocational school offering professional education for modern birth workers. We think you’ll be in good hands with us but we’re always happy to chat with you and answer any questions to ensure we’re the right fit for you.

– Stefanie Antunes


Stefanie Antunes

Our Sacred Birth Training Framework

We will explore the healing potential of yoga and holistic support to assist the journey from pregnancy to parenthood.

Mother holding her newborn baby

Training & Specialization

You’ll be taught by industry leaders from both Doula School & Awakened Spirit Yoga

Newborn baby getting its head measured

Certification & Experience

This workshop is approved by both Doula Canada and the Yoga Alliance in this one-of-a-kind dual certificate training.

Group learning with Stefanie

Business Building

Fast-track your doula and yoga business, from marketing and technology, to emotional wellness, we give you the tools to be successful.

Trainer Julia Forest

Meet Your Trainer

Julia Forest, ASY FOUNDER , TRAINING DIRECTOR & 500 E-RYT® Lead Yoga Facilitator

Julia is an international yoga teacher, birth doula, women’s health advocate, and closet artist who is passionate about health, environmentalism and empowered birth. She is co-creator of the Sacred Birth Yoga & Doula Training, is founding director of Awakened Spirit Yoga and co-founder of the Wellkind Foundation, a non-profit that focuses on community empowerment and wellbeing through the lens of permaculture. She also created the Sacred Earth Yoga Training, the first yoga teacher training program that combines yoga, mindfulness, permaculture and leadership to transform lives and communities.

Trainer Stefanie Antunes

Meet Your Trainer

Stefanie Antunes, Doula + Facilitator

Stefanie Antunes has been a Lamaze® Educator and doula since 2002, after the birth of her second son showed her just how valuable it is to be prepared for birth and to have good support around you. Stefanie is a visionary in the childbirth field. She leads the Discover Birth organization providing a variety of services to expectant parents and training for those wishing to pursue work in the childbirth field.


Why is a Doula Training included in this PYTT?

Ahh, we get this question a lot!


Working  as a prenatal yoga teacher is a lot more than understanding adaptations for prenatal practice. Pregnant people show up in class with all their fears, worries, hopes, joys and QUESTIONS

Questions to ask yourself:

Do I really understand the experience of pregnancy from various perspectives?

Can I safely facilitate class questions and discussion through an evidence-based lens?

Do I know about common pregnancy discomforts, birth practices and the emotional and spiritual practices people might choose?

Can I facilitate workshops on preparation for labour and birth?

Do I feel comfortable supporting participants in postnatal classes?

How much money can I make working as a birth worker? 

Like anything in life, the amount of effort you put out is the amount of benefit you’ll get in return. We’ve seen birth worker make anywhere from $0 (those who want only to work as volunteers) to $80,000 a year.

Following your passion

Working as a birth worker can be the most amazing experience and is such an honour to be a part of. If you are thinking this is the right path for you then we encourage you to come to our workshop!

If you feel passionate about helping birthing people and families then this could be your next dream job!

Awakened Spirit Yoga was born from our personal visions for healing, creative freedom, and community.

The seeds of this vision were planted in 2007, when Julia Forest left Canada to set out on a 6 month journey that sparked the beginning of her 10 year personal pilgrimage to India and Nepal. With a deep calling to explore the roots of yoga, she experienced the rich tapestry of yoga (Sanatana Dharma) and Buddhism in Northern India and Nepal and taught and studied yoga in ashrams and monasteries in the Himalayan foothills. \

She experienced yoga and mindfulness as powerful paths of healing, inner inquiry and transformation.

Her travels lead her to study permaculture in Thailand. She was inspired by the practical nature of permaculture and immediately began introducing it as a complementary tool to live a life in alignment with our deepest values and a care for the earth and our communities. She founded Awakened Spirit in 2015 as a place to nourish sacred purpose steeped in the values of collaboration, co-creation, freedom and personal transformation.


Since then we have grown our family to include a broader network of co-creators and empowered global community leaders. The heart of our community is grounded in a deep care for the earth, a reverence for ancient wisdom traditions and a belief in the human potential for transformation and healing.

Sacred Birth

*photo by @corie__bee at our prenatal yoga and birth doula training in Guatemala.

Here’s what Doula School’s students have to say:

Laptop and mouse

What a fantastic weekend!!! Stefanie is an amazing facilitator. She is so welcoming and sincere in her teaching. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and open to sharing appropriate experiences and stories. Her pace was on point, I enjoyed the variety of activities which encompassed the many learning styles. I love how she encouraged us as part of her parting words to “Go out and Doula.” This course literally changed my life in one weekend. I am very excited in moving forward with certification, continued education and most importantly Doulaing!


Doula & Former Student

Zoe Testimonial

My experience with Awakened Spirit Yoga was the journey of a lifetime. The leadership course was challenging, but those difficulties brought me to new places that I was not aware I could reach. The structure of the course was genuine and unique and Julia’s passion for the environment was contagious. I left feeling more confident in my choices and absolutely motivated to pursue environmental activism. True to the name, my time with Julia and her co-creators was awakening.


Doula & Former Student

As a member of the Sacred Birth alumni family you can:

Join our

Alumni Network

Become a

Certified Doula

Register as a


Meet other


Launch your


Support your local


Get access to

Special Offers

Find your


Mentor other

Birth workers

Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn

  • The physiology of pregnancy and childbirth
  • Pregnancy and childbirth as a journey
  • Modifications, safety, and beneficial asanas for each trimester  
  • Postures to support a healthy pregnancy
  • Emotional, physical, and informational support
  • Involving support people in the birth experience
  • Common interventions and medications
  • Deconstructing and transforming our relationship to pain
  • Sequencing and class themes
  • Hands-on assisting in prenatal yoga
  • Simple infant massage and infant stimulation
  • Postnatal yoga to support the body after childbirth 
  • Getting your first clients 
  • Different options for your career
  • How to achieve certification through Doula Canada and register with the YOGA Alliance.

Doula Canada

  • Doula Canada is a nationally registered and internationally recognized vocational school offering professional education for modern birth workers. Their team of instructors and staff have combined their years of experience with the development of flexible programs that lay the foundation for client-directed care and community support.
  • For over 20 years they have been creating a space where advocacy and intuition meet. Their evidence-based online learning, peer-to-peer support, and trauma informed mentoring from experienced birth workers, and an emphasis on collaboration has helped them become a leader in the doula space. Doula School is proud to partner with Doula Canada for certification of this program.
Yoga Alliance Logo

Yoga Alliance Registration

  • Yoga Alliance is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community, with over 7,000 Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) and more than 100,000 Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) as of April 2020. We foster and support the high quality, safe, accessible, and equitable teaching of yoga.
  • Awakened Spirit Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS 200) and one of the few Registered Prenatal Yoga Schools (RPYS). Graduates of this program are eligible for the Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) designation with Yoga Alliance.
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

*photo by @corie__bee at our prenatal yoga and birth doula training in Guatemala.

Payment Plan


$1350 USD

  • Doula Canda approved birth doula training
  • Additional self-directed content to help complete Doula Certification
  • YOGA Alliance approved PYTT
  • Virtual classes conducted in live time in an intimate setting 
  • You will leave the training as a doula and prenatal yoga teacher and can begin working immediately 
  • Community support 
  • Guidance on additional certifications

Pay in Full


$1350 USD

  • Doula Canda approved birth doula training
  • Additional self-directed content to help complete Doula Certification
  • YOGA Alliance approved PYTT
  • Virtual classes conducted in live time in an intimate setting 
  • You will leave the training as a doula and prenatal yoga teacher and can begin working immediately 
  • Community support 
  • Guidance on additional certifications
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